Incognito Market FAQ - Vendor Functions

How does the bulk listing work?

Bulk listings allow vendors to add listings with multiple pricing options for different amounts. In other words, offer discounts for larger quantities. i.e. "if ordered 10 units or more, multiply price by 70 percent" means that when the buyer orders 10 units or more, he gets 30 percent off as a discount.

What are the limitations on the images uploaded?

Only jpeg/jpg format are allowed due to limitations on our processors that strips EXIF and resamples the images for security reasons. The total upload size for each form must not exceed 5MB.

How do I set shipping options?

You can find shipping options in the settings tab, they are set on a per-vendor basis.

How can I access Incogbot on jabber?

Currently, we only provide jabber bot service to vendors (tier 3 and above). The setup and information will be in the settings panel once you are authorized.

Please follow the instructions to get your jid (Jabber Id) whitelisted.

How can I generate employee tokens?

You can find the employee settings in the settings page. Please remember to press the "Update" button to save the settings.

How can I set my account to vacation mode?

You can find the vacation mode settings in the settings page. Simply flip the switch and press save.