Incognito Market FAQ - Order Flow (Vendor)

How to process order as a vendor?

Once you receive an order in "Manage Orders", You need to first review the shipping info that the buyer sent to you.

Verify that the shipping address or dead drop (bookmark) range meets your list of ship to counties and that you have the item in stock currently.

You now decide whether to "Accept" or "Refund" the order.

Next you ship / drop the order and set "Mark as Shipped". And if applicable, use the form on the order to send the tracking info or dead drop (bookmark) info to the buyer.

If the order is a FE order, the funds are release to you and the order is "Finalize Early".

If the order is escrow, you have to wait for the buyer to receive the order and "Finalize" the order.

How do I refund a finalized order to a buyer?

Simply use the transfer function under the bank menu to send the buyer their refund directly. Remember to send a message to remind them afterwards.

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