Incognito Market FAQ - Order Flow (Buyer)

What is the order flow?

Once an order is placed it starts out in "Pending" status, which the buyer have not yet accepted the order.

You will receive a message when the vendor accepts your order.

There are two kind of orders FE (Finalize Early) and escrow.

With FE orders, once the vendor marks the order as shipped, the funds are release to the vendor, the order is now in "Finalize Early" status. You cannot dispute an FE order.

With escrow orders, once the vendor marks as shipped, the order is in "Shipped" status.

And you have a Auto finalize date. If this date gets within 2 days of expiring, you need to create a dispute to protect your escrow.

When you receive your escrow order you will finalize it.

When are orders refunded?

Orders can be refunded by the vendor or the moderator if the order is in dispute.

When are orders cancelled?

The buyer can cancel the order will it is still in "Pending" status.

The vendor can cancel the order rather than accepting it.

Why does the system indicate that I have insufficient balance while I do?

1) Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the cost of the product.

2) There is an extra 2.5% fee for using BTC

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