Incognito Market FAQ - Manage Listings

How to create a new Listing?

Click "New Listing", fill out the Listing Name, Unit, Price, stock (Number of items), ship from country, ship to counties, finalize period for escrow vendors. images of item, attribute banner, description, shipping.

How to set up a dead drop (bookmark) listing?

Simply add a shipping option called dead drop / bookmark, either in your global shipping options or in the override section on the listing.

How to purchase feature listings?

Press the "feature" button next to your listing on the listings management panel, note that the price is dynamic and dependent on the number of currently featured listings.

How to create bulk listings?

Start with an existing listing, click "Bulk", enter the item quantity threshold, percent of the unit price. 80% multiplier will give a 20% discount once the qty threshold is met.

What does the clone button do?

Cloning creates a copy of the existing item and places you in edit mode so that you can make changes to the new listing item.

What does the stock button do?

Stock is your quantity control of the number of items you have to sell.

Why does my listing fail to be uploaded? or why does it keep on reloading?

1) Make sure you have completed all the fields in the listings.

2) Make sure you have at least one jpeg image of the product (Less than 4 MB in size).

3) CSRF token expired because your session is inactive, simply clear your cache and reload.

4) You may be on a phishing site. Go to and generate a temporary address. Once you login, change your password and then proceed to use private mirrors on the settings page there forth.

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