Incognito Market FAQ - Listings

How does the "random" option in listings and vendor list work?

A random seed is generated every time you sign in and stays with you for the session until you sign out.

The reason for this is that each listing gets a chance to be at the top of the list while not messing up the pagination

What are dead drop (bookmark) listings?

This means that the item will not be directly sent to the drop address of your choosing. You specify a location or district for the vendor. The vendor then sends a courier to hide the item within the specified range, and tells you where to find it.

What does "Finalize Early" or "FE" marked on listings mean?

This means that the vendor has good vendor history and is granted a privilege that allows their revenues to skip the escrow process.

These orders are finalized automatically after the vendor marks the order as shipped.

Note that FE deprives the buyer the chance of disputes, so please purchase at your own risk

What does "AF Time" on the listings mean?

Auto-Finalized: The order is fulfilled with the funds finalized automatically to the vendor due to the AF timer exceeds.

Note: If you have not received your AF order and the finalize date is near, create a dispute before the clock runs out.

What does "Fent-Free" banner mean?

Fent-free listings mean that the vendor uploaded a photo containing part of the item, a written timestamp, and a negative fent strip in one of the listing image slots. If a listing is labelled "Fent-free" but does not include an image as mentioned, please report it to us via ticket immediately.

What are the Advanced Search features?

The search features allow you to filter the search results but categories, attributes, vendor, ship from and ship to countries.

You can also sort the results by price and age with the default sort being random.

Three additional filters are "Hide vendors on vacation", "Hide FE listings" and "My VIP Listings".

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