Incognito Market FAQ - Jabber Services

How do I get a incognite jid?

After reaching tier 2 or obtaining vendor status, you can request a jid via the jabber section in the settings tab.

Does incognite jabber support cross-server communication?

No, incognite jids do not support cross-server communication (i.e. chatting with calyxinstitute jids)

How do I respond to a message?

Click on the message icon in the menu. Next click the "Reply" button. Now simply the response message, fill out the captcha and click the "Send" button.

How do I join a chatroom?

By either entering the chatroom address manually in your jabber client or by pressing "Invite Me" to get an invite notification.

How do I add a jabber account on pidgin?

Grab the following information from the jabber section of your settings page: "assigned jabber JID", "private jabber proxy", "connection port". If you don't remember your password, click "Reset JID Password" and save the value (you can change it with your jabber client afterwards).

Click add account on Pidgin.

Select "XMPP" as protocol, use the part before '@' symbol from "assigned jabber JID" as username, fill in the second part after '@' as domain, and then enter your password. After that, go to the advanced tab and set the "connection port", and use "private jabber proxy" as connect server. Last, for proxy tab, set proxy type as Socks5, host, and port 9050.

Click "Add"

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