Incognito Market FAQ - Checking Out

How to purchase?

First find the listing that you are interested in, make sure the vendor ships to your country, and if possible, find a vendor in your country, domestic orders are always safer.

Review the vendor feedback and their profile.

Select the quantity of items. Monero or Bitcoin payment, and the shipping options, now click "Checkout Now". The next page has a summary of the order. Now enter your address info (Encrypted with the vendor PGP). There are two payment options "Deduct Balance" and "Lock Price and Deposit"

Note: if it is going to take you longer than two hours to deposit the funds do not use the "Lock Price and Deposit" there is a two-hour limit on the price lock.

Now do the captcha and press "Confirm Checkout".

Note: You should have PGP 2fa on your account so that you can receive tracking from the vendor.

My page showed an error after checking out.

Please double check the information provided, it is possible that there is invalid characters in the voucher or item fields.

Please note that invalid coupon codes might sometimes get flagged by our WAF.

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